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This is an argument cunningly aimed at our emotions, but utterly fallacious in terms of the strategy of a doomed military adventure.

Would a desire not to betray their dead have justified the Americans in fighting on in Vietnam rather than withdraw as they finally did?

And the distress of all of us becomes the deeper when we see photos of the dead - strong, open faces of splendid young people whose promise has been destroyed by a mine or a bullet.

And yet to give (as we do) total support to our servicemen and women in Afghanistan does not mean that we must also support the policy which condemns them to this needless and futile adventure.

and no illusions about how long it could last.” According to the survey conducted for Yes!

Mrs Robinson by One Poll, 36% of the 2,000 female respondents saw the younger man relationship as just a bit of fun, 20% saw it as a short fling and another 20% saw it as casual or no strings.

“But those same women are now declaring that the old-fashioned values haven’t lasted.

They all subscribe to another: that the fight against the Taliban is being fought by a coalition of more than 40 nations.

Yet the political and strategic damage caused to Russia when it retreated from Afghanistan or America after Vietnam proved neither crippling or long-lasting.

We should heed the judgment of the Duke of Wellington, Britain's greatest soldier and a commander blessed with unmatched practical common sense.

Mrs Robinson shows not only that 40% of 40+ women would like to be in relationships with younger men – with a quarter already in such a relationship – but that a full three quarters see such relationships as quick flings, casual or no-strings fun, and almost the same number are prepared to admit that the young turks can’t be trusted - yet that doesn’t seem to put them off. Mrs Robinson is the runaway success site of dating expert Paul Benbow, who also runs Smart Dating UK, and was set up to satisfy the fast-growing trend for toyboy dating.

Even Paul, experienced in the dating habits of 40-somethings, was surprised by the results of the survey.

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